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TwynstraGudde and World Water Academy develop new Dutch National Flood Protection (HWBP) training program

During the celebratory Dijkwerkersdag (Dike Workers' Day) on March 28, 2024, Eric Withaar from the Dutch National Flood Protection Program (HWBP) , Gabriëlle Knufman from World Water Academy, and Fianne Lindenaar from TwynstraGudde jointly signed for the redevelopment and implementation of the HWBP training program for the period 2024-2028.


World Water Academy and TwynstraGudde are joining forces to develop and implement, a high-quality training program that meets the needs of the HWBP. In the process, all existing courses will be analyzed, updated and adjusted if necessary. This training program is essential because the HWBP faces the substantial task of having all flood defences meet the statutory safety standards by 2050. To achieve this, sufficient staff capacity must be available to administrators and program management, both quantitatively and qualitatively.


Opportunities for continued learning

The revised training program focuses on the development of knowledge, skills, competencies and experience. In addition to courses and development programs, it also provides opportunities for sustained learning and customized team courses. The updated training program will start in September 2024. Participants can register from June through the HWBP learning portal.