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World Water Academy facilitator at Blue Deal Congress

Gepubliceerd op 15 June 2023

The very first Blue Deal Congress was a great success. From June 12 until June 14, delegations from 14 Blue Deal partnerships visited the Netherlands to join this event. Afterwards, they were given the opportunity to visit a partner water authority in the Netherlands. The second day was dedicated to workshops on topics that play a major role within the Blue Deal. There were sessions on Water pricing, Water safety management, Stakeholder participation, Urban wastewater management, Nature-based solutions, and Smart monitoring.


Nicole Mol and Claudia Peters from World Water Academy facilitated sessions on the second day. Together with the chair, they developed the program, searched for cases and guest speakers and made sure that the program of each session was interactive and inspiring.

Communities of Practice (CoPs) to share knowledge on these same themes are organized by the Blue Deal throughout the year. Nicole and Claudia (World Water Academy) also facilitate these CoP's to make the sessions interactive, inspiring and useful for the participants.