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WWA Workshop at WISA2024: Empowering Women in Water

World Water Academy's workshop, "Strategic Capacity Building for a Future-Proof Water Sector: Women in Water," held at the WISA2024 Biennial Conference in Durban, South Africa, was an outstanding success. Co-hosted by the Blue Deal, this dynamic session captivated a diverse audience, particularly young women passionate about the water sector.


Inspiring the Next Generation of Water Leaders

The workshop featured an impressive lineup of distinguished female experts, including Thobela Conco-Biyela,Ph.D Biyela from Durban University of Technology, Henrike Branderhorst of TAUW Group, Wayida Mohamed from Rand Water, and Sindy Mthimkhulu from Joint River Basin Authorities - Project Board. A special address was delivered by Her Excellency Mrs. Joanne Doornewaard, the Dutch Ambassador to South Africa.

Each speaker shared unique experiences and insights on critical topics such as effective water resource management, overcoming industry challenges, and fostering a more equitable and sustainable water future.


Empowering Women, Transforming the Water Sector

By spotlighting the achievements and wisdom of these female leaders, the event successfully empowered the next generation of women in the water industry. The connections made and lessons learned from this workshop will undoubtedly contribute to a stronger, more inclusive water sector as we move forward.

A Resounding Success

The World Water Academy's workshop at #WISA2024 was a resounding success. The event demonstrated the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing in empowering women and driving positive change in the water sector.