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Tailored wastewater treatment trainings in Europe a success

In October 2016, a group of 27 experienced employees of wastewater treatment plants with high nitrogen level from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany have followed the training programme Wastewater treatment to optimise their wastewater treatment skills. Our trainer of the year, Jack Jonk, challenged the participants to think in terms of systems and processes. This way of thinking was well received by the participants.


Darling Ingredients, the client for this project, is a global leader in creating sustainable food, feed & fuel solutions from organic by-products. This organisation has more than 200 offices across five continents. They offer a range of ingredients and customized specialty solutions for customers in the pharmaceutical, food, pet food, organic fertilizer and bioenergy industries.

Wastewater is created during the production process of the ingredients. The wastewater treatment plant purifies its water, before draining it on the surface water. This wastewater has a high nitrogen and phosphorus level. It is up to the process controllers to make sure that everything runs smoothly. World Water Academy (WWA) has designed a customized training programme for these professionals with a focus on wastewater treatment plants with high nitrogen level. Besides updating the basic knowledge, all sorts of examples about their own wastewater plant were discussed. Especially, how to act in various situations was one of the hot items.

The training programme was not only given in the Dutch language, but also in German. Darling ingredients aims to exchange knowledge and experiences between the wastewater plants in Europe, so that the process controllers can help one another. For Jack Jonk it was a challenge to incorporate his interactive teaching approach in a German setting.

The evaluation results were very positive. On a scale from 1 – 5 we received a 4 for the content, topicality and applicability. Besides the content of the training programme the participants highly appreciated the discussions they had amongst each other. They talked about the importance of communication, like: how to behave when a calamity occurs and help each other during this process. Both the participants and client were very excited with the outcome of this training programme. Now it will be a great challenge to offer this training programme in another language. At the moment WWA is preparing a delivery in Polish. WWA will gladly take on this challenge!

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