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Future AquaVet trainers trained at the first seminar in Athens, Greece

The AquaVet curriculum was developed to improve the water efficiency technologies skills of the European water industry workforce. Two ‘Train the Trainer seminars’ were planned within the AquaVet project, one in Greece and a second one in Spain. At the seminars the future AquaVet Trainers are familiarised with the AquaVet curriculum and are offered practical tools to teach the curriculum.

AquaVet Athens April 2017

The First seminar in Athens, Greece was accomplished on April 7, 2017. 22 Enthusiastic future AquaVet trainers, from Northern Ireland and Greece, actively participated at the Greek seminar. Evelien Meijerink and Nele Thijs from the World Water Academy trained activating teaching methods during 2 days at the seminar. An important part of the WWA didactical classes were the mini lessons. In the mini-lessons the AquaVet trainers practiced teaching a part of a (AquaVet) class using activating teaching methods and got feedback from their peers.

The participants valued the exchange of ideas and the enjoyable atmosphere of the sessions.

The second AquaVet Train the Trainer seminar will take place in Madrid from April 24 until April 28.