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Advanced Production

Learning targets

In the course Overview Production you learned about the steps of water purification. In this course you learn more in detail how purification techniques must be operated and maintained. Due to the quality of raw water you can anticipate what to do during the purification process. Sampling and analysing data gives you the key to maintain the right process,  All sorts of purification techniques will be educated in detail. Which technique fits on your plant will be discussed.  Troubleshooting will be an important  subject during the course.

This course will increase the knowledge about the treatment techniques which are used on a water treatment plant. Beside the techniques water demand management, process control, advanced techniques and maintenance are subject of the course. After this course you can instruct your operators what to do when there are troubles in the purification process.

This course is a follow up of the course Overview production.


The content of the courses consist of:

  • Steps from raw water to drinking water
  • Water demand management
  • Water treatment in general
  • Sampling & Data Analysis
  • Groundwater and surface water techniques
  • Membrane filtration
  • Process Control
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Asset management

Training approach

Besides classroom presentations this course exists of interactive and innovative training methods, as group work, discussions, practical exercises, demonstrations, presentations, role-plays, tailored to the objectives of the training. This course includes a field visit. The course will end with an written assessment.

Course material

Course book and hand-outs of the presentations


Vietnam, Indonesia, The Netherlands


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Target group


Entry level

Vocational level

certificate of Overview Production


4,5 days plus 12 hours self-study