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Weather & Water management

Learning targets

The water manager has to deal with extreme weather conditions more often. A large amount of rainfall occurs in a short period of time, which causes water inconvenience or even floods. At the other hand water shortage occurs in times of drought. Both water quality issues resulted from climate change. Water managers are challenged to avoid the negative effects due to the water quality issues in the new circumstances. Water managers are challenged to avoid negative water quality effects caused by the climate change.

Wind and precipitation leads to various water management situations. Knowledge about the influence and interaction of the weather on water provides tools and insights to deal with these kinds of issues. Water behaviour can be predicted or even modelled by interpreting the weather forecast properly.

Practical cases about the influence of meteorological aspects on the water level management are the central issue in this course. Water managers learn how meteorological aspects influence their advices and how they can implement these aspects in their daily work.


The course exists of the following topics:

  • Water cycle
  • Basics of meteorology
  • Identification of weather situations
  • Prediction of weather situations
  • Influence of weather on various water systems
  • Effects of weather on water management in case of flooding and/or water inconvenience
  • Effects of weather on water management in case Water shortage
  • Climate change and its effects
  • Measures during extreme weather conditions
  • Calamity plans

Course material

Hand-outs of the presentations, exercises and background information.


The Netherlands


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Target group

Water managers

Entry level

Vocational level

(higher) vocational education


2 days