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Climate, nature and resilient watersystems

Learning targets

Water resources worldwide face intense pressures, both in terms of their quantity and quality, driven by climate change and human activities. This results in significant challenges, including extreme weather events such as prolonged droughts or heavy rainfall, resource depletion, land subsidence, and pollution of surface and groundwater with profound consequences for nature, human well-being, and the economy. We are facing crucial decisions and will need to reconsider spatial planning. In addition to technical solutions, nature based solutions are essential.

In this course, we focus on nature based solutions that are employed alongside existing technology. By combining different disciplines new possibilities for sustainable, nature-basedsolutions to water challenges are created.

Learning objectives

  • Participants will understand the principles of nature-based solutions
  • Participants will gain in-depth insights about climate-resilient water systems and the challenges for the coming years.
  • Participants will understand how nature based solutions can be used to create a resilient water system.

Several instructors will guide you through the current knowledge on this subject. They will show you examples and share their experiences. Subsequently, you will be challenged to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice yourself.


These topics will be covered:

  • Climate-resilient water system: an introduction
  • Urgency of addressing climate scenarios
  • Historical understanding of water systems
  • Nature-based solutions and the natural system
  • Working with nature-based concepts
  • Best Practices and examples

Target group

Water Managers

Entry level

Vocational level