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Visit CEO Haya Water (Oman) to Nieuwegein

Tuesday 25 April 2017, Mr. Hussain Hassan Ali Abdul Hussain, CEO of Haya Water, the wastewater treatment agency of Oman, visited World Water Academy in Nieuwegein.

Visit CEO Haya Water to WWA

Agnes Maenhout: “Oman and the Netherlands: dry and wet! It was a pleasure to discuss with Mister Hussain. He was interested in capacity building, underlined the importance of qualified people and asked questions in depth.” Mr. Hussain was accompanied by Marieke van Oversteeg, Water attaché the Embassy of Kingdom of The Netherlands in Oman. Marieke initiated a visit of three days for the CEO of Haya Water to learn what the Netherlands can offer Haya Water on Innovations, capacity building and management of wastewater treatment. The Netherlands Water Partnership organized this broader visit to the Netherlands.

Agnes Maenhout and Johan Oost represented the WWA. During the discussions on capacity development and training in the water sector, special attention was paid to the previous activities of WWA in Oman. WWA prepared and executed a benchmark with the Training Center of Haya Water in the second half of 2014. (see: Evaluation Report Oman (pdf, 296 kB)). Agnes Maenhout paid a return visit in April 2015 to Oman, where she met Mr. Hussain. Mr. Hussain explained that a lot changed in the training philosophy of Haya Water since 2015: learning goals and return on investment are very important. Furthermore the majority of the training are organized in-company..