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Operation and maintenance for wastewater treatment

Learning targets

The treatment of wastewater is a complex process with various process steps. Many situations can occurs which can lead to disruption of the process. Good operation & maintenance procedures influence the continuity of the process. A well-working troubleshooting will lead to early warning with problems or even emergency situations, so that measures can be taken at an early stage. Process controller play a key role in both operation & Maintenance and troubleshooting.

The course focus on the responsibilities, roles and tasks of the process controller in normal conditions and in emergency situations. The differences between normal operation & maintenance and troubleshooting are discussed. The organisation and procedures are put central and the behaviour of the process controller is discussed. The course includes the data collection and recording for a good quality. Sampling, logs, LIMS and ICT are discussed and demonstrated.

The participants become aware of the importance of good operation & maintenance and troubleshooting at the wastewater treatment plant.


The course exists of the following topics:

  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Organisation structure and procedures
  • Role of Process controller
  • Trouble shooting
  • System thinking
  • Quality, safety, health and environment
  • Data recording and management
  • Relevant legislations and permits

Course material

Course book and hand-outs of the presentations


This course includes field visits to a wastewater treatment plant, demonstrations and cases.

This course is the last module of the four modules of the overall course Wastewater Treatment for Process Controllers. A diploma for the course will be gained after completing the four modules and passing the final exam.


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Target group

Process controllers

Entry level

Vocational level

vocational education and having the certificate of the courses Basics of Wastewater Treatment, Wastewater Treatment Techniques and Wastewater Sludge Management


3 days

"Operation & Maintenance, but trouble shooting as well, is training, training and training. The awareness, understanding and executing is the backbone of the sustainable and safe treatment process."


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