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Interactive online course Hygienic Working in the distribution of Drinking Water

Learning targets

Drinking water companies want to deliver top quality drinking water. Top quality means safe and reliable drinking water 24/7, year round. This can even be done without the use of chlorine, as it is common practice in the Netherlands. Maintenance and repair of piping systems should never compromise the quality of drinking water. Implementation of strict hygienic working practices and policies to prevent contamination is essential. This course increases awareness and improves hygienic working practices.

After completing this course you will understand and recognize possible causes of pollution and contamination in the distribution of drinking water. You will learn various methods and ways to prevent contamination even without chlorine. You know how these methods are correctly applied in practice. To make the course as effective as possible, we encourage you to share your own knowledge and experiences with the other participants. The content of the training course is based on the Dutch standard for hygienic working practices in the distribution of drinking water which is described in, and part of, the Dutch Drinking Water Act.


The course will include the following topics:

  • Contamination and pollution
  • Hygienic working practices
  • Construction methods
  • Care for materials
  • Use of and handling of chemicals and materials
  • Safety aspects of working with chemicals
  • Sampling
  • Personal and general hygiene
  • Sluicing and desinfection


After successfully completing this course you will receive a Certificate. World Water Academy is ISO 9001 accredited. This certificate can be accredited towards your personal Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Training approach

This interactive online course appeals to the daily practice. Theory will be explained by an experienced trainer using practical examples. Participants will be encouraged to share their own professional knowledge and experience, guided by the trainer. You can share your knowledge and examples and ask for explanations. You will experience alternately interactive presentations, Q&A, video’s, assignments groupwork and quizzes. The international character of this course will be an important asset in the discussions.


Other available courses about hygienical working are:

  • A practical course
  • Practical field training

These courses enhance the practical skills of your employees by immersing them in a number of realistic situations, thus giving them a better understanding of the learning goals. The trainers are experienced water professionals. Upon successful completion, the participants will receive a certificate.

Target group

(Operational) managers in the drinking water distribution

Entry level





1 day

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Interactive online course Hygienic Working in the distribution of Drinking Water

Date: TBD

Duration: 1 day, 8 hours

Fee: € 295

Location: online in ZOOM

Starting time: 7:00 am (UTC)

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