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Operation and maintenance of a water supply plant

Learning targets

The production of drinking water involves different steps. Each process step can be subject to specific problems and issues which can lead to disruption of the process or water quality loss and thus availability of clean drinking water.

Each company has good operation & maintenance procedures that support the continuity of clean water supply. Good troubleshooting will lead to early warning when issues occur and measures can be taken at an early stage. This prevent emergencies.

Production operators play a key role when it comes down to operation, maintenance and troubleshooting and need to be skilled.

This course focuses on preventive maintenance and emergency troubleshooting.


Following topics are covered:

  • Process control
  • Operational procedures
  • Organisation and responsibilities
  • Trouble shooting
  • Relevante laws and regulations


After successfully completing this course you will have the knowledge to understand and implement maintenance plans. You can troubleshoot issues and carry out preventive maintenance.

Course material

Course book and presentation hand-outs.

Training approach

In addition to classroom presentations this course comprises interactive and innovative training methods, such as group work, discussions, practical exercises, demonstrations and  role-plays. The  training methods are tailored to the objectives of the training.

A field trip to a drinking water plant is included.


This course is the last of four modules of the overall course Drinking Water Production for Process Controllers. After successfully completing the four modules, the participant will be awarded a diploma.


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Target group

Water production operators, Process controllers

Entry level

Vocational level

in combination with the certificate of the course Basics of drinking water production and Water quality: sampling and hygienic working and Drinking Water Treatment Techniques


2 days