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Weather-related water management

Learning targets

The course covers the following topics:

  • Daily management 
    Use of meteorological data in practice, meteorological aspects of the water cycle, management of different types of water systems, roadmap for realization of weather-based management, climate impact atlas.
  • Water flooding 
    Water overload analysis, nuisance forecasting, uncertainty and accuracy and real-time applications, climate scenarios.
  • Desiccation 
    Evaporation, unsaturated zone and groundwater, management aspects and groundwater-based management.
  • Policy 
    Availability of meteorological data, delta plan, climate change and water management scenarios and translation to policy.
  • Safety 
    Management aspects of extreme weather, spatial adaptation, relationship with disaster and emergency plans.


Worldwide we increasingly experience extreme showers with large amounts of precipitation in a short period. In other periods, water shortages occur. Both problems in water quantity are partly related to climate change. Under the new conditions, the water manager must anticipate the weather in time even more than before to prevent flooding and drought.

This course provides knowledge of climate change, weather and weather forecasts. With the proper interpretation of the weather forecasts, the water level can be calculated, for example by using models. You use this calculated water level to take preventive measures. The course focuses on practical cases involving weather data and water level management. After attending this course, you will be prepared for the climate of the future and you will know how to consider meteorological aspects in your advice and measures in daily water management.


Weather science topics are explained with practical examples. On the last day of class, there is a field trip to a weather station.


This course is a joint product with HydroLogic and Weather Impact.


Entry level

Vocational level