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Tailor-made course on Wastewater Treatment in partnership with Darling Ingredients

Gepubliceerd op 1 August 2023

With more than 260 facilities around the world, Darling Ingredients is the largest publicly traded company turning edible by-products and food waste into sustainable products and is a leading producer of renewable energy. Darling Ingredients repurposes approximately 15% of the world's meat industry waste streams into value-added products, such as green energy, renewable diesel, collagen, fertilizer, animal proteins and meals and pet food ingredients.



Darling Ingredients strives to improve the know-how and thereby the performance of Wastewater Treatment plants (WWTP) worldwide. Wastewater is created during the production process of the ingredients. The wastewater treatment plant purifies its water, before discharging it on the surface water. This untreated wastewater has a high pollution load with especially high nitrogen levels. It is up to the process operators to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Uniform procedures, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting play a key role in meeting global requirements and local standards of each country.

Approach: Tailor-made training course

To accommodate these requirements, World Water Academy (WWA), in partnership with Darling Ingredients, has designed a new tailor-made course on Wastewater Treatment. In the first half year of 2023, several courses have been organized for Dutch, German and international particitpants within Darling Ingredients.

In just 2-3 days, Environmental Managers, Wastewater managers and operators from Darling Ingredients, working at different operating locations in worldwide received training on wastewater treatment. Special emphasis was put on process control, biological (Aerobic/Anaerobic ) treatment, operational steps, procedures, nitrification and denitrification, sludge settlement/dewatering and Filamentous bacteria. A large part of the training modules were co-created in partnership with Darling Ingredients. This enabled an in-depth exchange of customer related practical knowledge and experiences.


Action-learning approach

World Water Academy uses the action-learning approach to design the modules and to develop the materials. World Water Academy has worldwide experience in using the action-learning approach in practice. The learning efficiency and thus the learning result is proven to be higher when using this approach where participants are actively involved in the course delivery. Participants are inspired and challenged to share their own experiences and knowledge during the course.


The evaluation results of the course were very positive overall. On a scale from 1 – 5, World Water Academy received an almost perfect score of 4.9 for the content, 4.9 for topicality and 5.0 for practical applicability. Both the participants and client were very excited with the outcome of this training program.

Besides the practical content of the training program the participants highly appreciated the interaction amongst both participants and trainers. Participants very much appreciated the possibility of being able to ask questions, sharing knowledge with professionals in the same working environment and offers practical adaptability.

World Water Academy offers similar training programs for international clients and provides tailor-made materials in other languages. At the moment WWA is preparing a delivery in Polish. WWA will gladly take on your challenge!

Tailor-made training programs

Would you like to receive more information about tailor-made training programs? Do you want to optimise the Wastewater Treatment skills of your team? Please contact Ingrid Schröders +31 (0)30 60 69 419.