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NEW: Interactive online course Basics of Wastewater treatment

Do you want to learn everything about the different process steps on a wastewater treatment plant? After completing this course you will understand the wastewater treatment process in practice. You will recognize how your actions influence the performance of your wastewater treatment plant. To make the course as effective as possible for you, we encourage you to share your own knowledge and experiences with the other participants.


Apply now! Course starts June 22nd 2021

The treatment of wastewater is a complex process involving different process steps. Operators play a key role in the treatment of wastewater. Their decisions and actions have a major influence on the final treatment results.

The full process of treating wastewater in a plant will be explained in this course. You will acquire knowledge on the why and how of wastewater treatment. The most important international regulations and legislations are highlighted. You learn the basics of chemistry and microbiology to understand the processes and the behaviour of pollutants in water. This course covers the physical, chemical and biological treatment steps as well as the main process parameters. A virtual excursion takes you to different plants all over the world.