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World Water Academy Annual Report 2020

Twenty-twenty was the year of the global COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of nations went into lockdown and nobody was allowed to travel abroad. Therefore from March World Water Academy wasn’t able to organize training abroad like we were used to in the years before. For World Water Academy 2020 marks as a year in which we made huge steps in online collaboration and training.

Training water professionals online

In 2020 we developed a digital strategy to start and continue projects to train water professionals online. A strategy that fits the characteristics of World Water Academy: combining water knowledge and know-how with the local practical experiences on vocational and academic level. This approach requires an extensive preparation with a lot of attention for interaction and sharing knowledge. Just a simple webinar or e-learning will not make the difference and will not be motivating.

The extensive preparation consists of the step in the figure. You start with an extensive training need analysis. Who is the target group, wat is their prior knowledge and what are your learning goals? This information combined with the learning characteristics is the input for the design of the programme. Next you have to define every part of the training with teaching methods (digital) and last but not least recruit trainers with practical local water experience. The teaching materials are tailored and combine generic water knowledge with local cases.

In 2020 World Water Academy has developed and delivered the following online activities:

  • Training need analysis by online tests and video interviews
  • Online training of trainers of local trainers
  • Interactive online lessons (webinar) with focus on interaction and sharing experiences
  • E-learning and video lessons to share water knowledge
  • Digital living labs
  • Online tests and assignments


OKP project Bridging the Water in South Africa

After two months of on-the-job training and living labs learning activities were postponed due to COVID-19. We resumed these activities after the summer with digital Living Labs and online masterclasses. The digital strategy has now been worked out and the project continued successfully digitally. The collaboration between the 10 partners is now completely digital. The project was presented at the Wisa conference in December 2020.

OKP project WAter Treatment and Reuse in Agriculture in Jordan (WATRA)

The project Strengthening skills development for WAstewater Treatment and Reuse in Agriculture in Jordan (WATRA) started in January 2020 with an inception mission. World Water Academy provided practical training in wastewater treatment. At the end of 2020 we’ve set up a training need analysis.


The World Water Academy team in 2020

Agnes Maenhout

Agnes Maenhout 960 x 600

managing director/CEO

Sjoske Tuinstra


Project coördinator

Londiwe Dlamini


Project coördinator

Claudia Peters

Claudia Peters 960 x 600

Training expert

Mark van Dodeweerd

Mark van Dodeweerd - 960x600

Training expert

Marijke Jansen


Multimedia designer