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Year Review 2022

2022 was an exciting year for World Water Academy. We started, continued and completed some interesting training programmes around the globe. And we've met a lot of new partners to collaborate with.

The Netherlands

In our homebase The Netherlands we have trained over 3000 water professionals on various water topics like water supply, wastewater treatment, water management, flood control, climate change, urban water and sanitation.


OKP project Bridging the Water in South Africa

In 2022 we completed the OKP Project Bridging the Water in South Africa. Since 2019 over 600 participants were trained in wastewater treatment and drinking water production courses from municipalities throughout South Africa.

In this project we improved the skills and knowledge of water professionals in South Africa and develop an sustainable knowledge-exchange and collaboration. Dutch and South African partners co-created and offered solutions in water education to improve water management, water services and the livelihood of citizens.


OKP project WAter Treatment and Reuse in Agriculture in Jordan

In 2022 we have trained drinking water and wastewater professionals in Jordan in collaboration with Al-Balqa’ Applied University (BAU), IHE Delft and World Water Academy. In the OKP project WATRA over the span of two years a total of 84 drinking water and wastewater professionals took part in hands-on training courses.


Water supply training in the Dutch Caribbean

In February 2022 World Water Academy and VEI (Vitens Evides International) collaborated to host water supply training in the Dutch Caribbean. Personnel of the drinking water bottling plants of Saba and St. Eustatius completed a three-day training on important aspects in the production, bottling, and distribution of drinking water.


E-learning in French

In 2022 we developed our first e-learning in the French lanquage for a drinking water company in France.

Developing an e-learning is one of the many products and services World Water Academy offers.


The World Water Academy team in 2022

Gabriëlle Knufman


managing director/CEO

Claudia Peters

Claudia Peters 960 x 600

Training expert

Ingrid Schröders


Deputy Director

Johan Oost


Program Manager

Bram Ooms


Training Expert

Fiona Arends


Project Assistent