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Masterclass Anammox

Gepubliceerd op 2 December 2021

The second interactive Masterclass Anammox was held on November 2nd, 2021. A total of 32 participants from South Africa and the Netherlands were eager to learn more about the Anammox process and its applications.

Professor Dr. Ir. Merle de Kreuk from Delft University of Technology and Dr. Karolina Smiech from Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW) hosted the course. Participants were welcomed by Gabriëlle Knufman (Director of World Water Academy). Professor de Kreuk explained the Anammox process and methods of nitrogen removal from wastewater. Dr Karolina Smiech guided the second half of the masterclass through sharing the applications of anammox and user experiences.


The Masterclass was very well received, and we were happy with the feedback we received!

"I need to acknowledge once again the informative masterclass that was so professionally presented, and the willingness of all to share information. I trust there will be a follow up on this masterclass! The masterclass is regarded as a process related training opportunity for our personnel, which is not always readily available, and significant value is attached to attending a masterclass as provided by you."

"Interactive teaching methods like polls to test the pre-existing knowledge of the participants were used and questions and breakout-rooms for participants to work on assignments in smaller groups."

"It was very interesting to learn about Anammox. A very detailed presentation and easy to understand the topic!"

"Great presenters, very well managed and stimulating content. Kept our attention for the full duration."

It was good to see how technology can be used to get into contact with people around the world with the same interest of work. The lecturers were very professional and warm hearted.