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NEW: Interactive online course Hygienic Working in the distribution of Drinking Water

Join this interactive online course to understand and recognize possible causes of pollution and contamination in the distribution of drinking water. You will learn various methods and ways to prevent contamination even without chlorine. You know how these methods are correctly applied in practice. The content of the training course is based on the hygienic working practices in the distribution of drinking water as defined by KWR Water Research.


Apply now! Course starts September 16.

Drinking water companies want to deliver top quality drinking water. Top quality means safe and reliable drinking water 24/7, year round. This can even be done without the use of chlorine, as it is common practice in the Netherlands. Maintenance and repair of piping systems should never compromise the quality of drinking water. Implementation of strict hygienic working practices and policies to prevent contamination is essential. This course increases awareness and improves hygienic working practices.