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IAWWE meets World Water Academy

The Iranian water sector is willing to strengthen the relation with the Dutch water sector. The managing director and the local representative of the Association of Water & Wastewater Experts (IAWWE) visited World Water Academy to discuss practical training for Iranian water experts. Our training approach, training “by professionals, not professors”, responds the demand of the association. The topic of water billing and pricing is their special interest. We discussed the prices and taxes, where the guests got the insight that a tax system could balance water prices between areas. In facr, the meeting covered briefly the Dutch governance structure of water supply, sewerage, wastewater treatment and water management. The Iranians wondered about the different entities involved in water and water management but well understood our history. More than 800 years of water management is evident for us, but incredible for them!

We stated that the cooperation between both countries could be, amongst others, in the exchange of Dutch lessons learned of access of water, and transforming those do’s and don’ts to Iran suffering of draughts.

We are looking forward to design a dedicated billing course for the Iranian experts.

more info: Agnes Maenhout

Mr Rajabi (IAWWE), Agnes Maenhout (WWA), Ali Bigdeli (TVS Co.)