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Call us: +31 30 - 60 69 400 | Login e-WWA | Privacy

Information about cookies

The website of WorldWaterAcademy places various cookies. A cookie is a simple file that is sent with pages of this website and is stored by your browser on your pc, tablet or mobile phone. These cookies are used to visit the website of WorldWaterAcademy to the needs of visitors.

Cookie Law

Since June 5th 2012 the new cookie law is in use. This means that visitors to websites should be informed about the use of cookies (what and why) and have to make choices about whether or not placing of cookies. This law is meant for all Web sites in The Netherlands and websites that focus on the Dutch market. For each non-essential cookie there must be given permission. A essential cookie is for example remembering login data or products that you order.

When visiting this website the following cookies on your pc, tablet or mobile phone are stored:

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are required for the website to function properly and are automatically enabled when you visit the site. For these cookies you do not need to give permission. For example, cookies are used to remember your language preference. These cookies are also used to capture and/or to remember that another kind of cookie may or may not be posted.


We use cookies to collect data about the use of the website in order to gain statistics. WorldWaterAcademy uses this information to make the website more responsive to the needs of visitors. Therefore we use Google Analytics. WorldWaterAcademy cannot see who (which pc) visits the website. Google as a provider of the service can do this though.

Additional information on the TOS (Terms Of Service) of Google Analytics. The Google Analytics cookies register for WorldWaterAcademy:

  • How you got on our site;
  • How long you stay on this site;
  • How often you visit our site;
  • Which route you travel on this site;
  • What browser you are using;
  • Where you come from.


External cookies are placed to allow the application of third-party websites. Like Google Maps.

  • Google Maps places geographical maps on websites. Directions can also be made with Google Maps. When using Google Maps there are several cookies that store preferences, as for example to remember the zoom level and statistics.

Consent for cookies

On your first visit to our website we ask you what (not essential) cookies may be placed. You can change your cookie setting at any time via "cookies" at the bottom of every page.


On the website of WorldWaterAcademy are a number of links to other websites. We cannot be held responsible for the use of your data by those organizations. We recommend that you read the Privacy Statement of that site.