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Overview distribution

Learning targets

After the purification of raw water into drinking water the drinking water leaves the water production plant. A whole network of pipelines brings the drinking water to the clients. During this travel from plant to client everything can happen with the quality of the drinking water. Each company needs to deliver good drinking water 24/7. Obstruction in pipelines, illegal taps, bad connection of pipes, bad network design or lack of maintenance influence the quality of the drinking water. Prevention of bad influences and reduction of water loss must be an priority of the company. Operators must be well educated and trained. They are key persons in the delivery of safe drinking water.

The objective of the training is to increase the knowledge about the operation and maintenance of a distribution network. The key principles about design, construction, operation and maintenance are subjects in the course. Also the delivery of tap water enough with good pressure and with a good quality will be discussed.

After the course the participant has a good overview of Distribution.


The content of the courses consist of:

  • Mapping of the network
  • Network Design
  • Function and operation of valves
  • Pump characteristics
  • Storage reservoirs
  • Pipe materials
  • Water quantity and quality problems
  • Non-revenue water and leakage detection
  • Repair of valves
  • Hygienic measures
  • Service connections
  • Pipeline cleaning

Training approach

Besides classroom presentations this course exists of interactive and innovative training methods, as group work, discussions, practical exercises, demonstrations, presentations, role-plays, tailored to the objectives of the training. This course includes a field visit. The course will end with an written assessment.

Course material

Course book and hand-outs of the presentations.


Vietnam, Indonesia, The Netherlands


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Target group

Operators distribution

Entry level

Vocational level




Dutch experts and/or local professional trainers, certified by World Water Academy


4,5 days plus 4-8 hours self study