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External stakeholders awareness

Learning targets

Clean water is essential for human health. Clean water is pumped to the consumer via the distribution network. Water system operators play a crucial role in operating and maintaining this network. As a Water system operator  you have to make sure that the water is delivered to the customer in uncontaminated condition. Especially within the job of First level response operators you meet and work with a diverse group of stakeholders like contractors, customers and your own colleagues.

Effective communication with stakeholders is important to maintain a safe working environment, to prevent losses within the distribution network and to prevent contamination of the water. It also prevents social unrest due to non-delivery of water.


These topics are covered:

  • Safety & Health (individual, colleagues and surroundings)
  • Environment
  • Sewerage
  • Communication within the organisation
  • Complaints and solutions (Consumer awareness)
  • Advising and monitoring contractors
  • Cost awareness
  • Relevant regulations from the blue drop


After successfully completing this course you are more confident and  proactive in your day to day communications with stakeholders.

Course material

Course book and presentation handouts.

Training approach

In addition to classroom presentations this course comprises interactive and innovative training methods. Role plays are used to practice and experiment with your communication skills in a safe environment.


This course is one of five modules of the overall course Water Distribution and Control. After successfully completing the five modules, the participant will be awarded a diploma.


Would you like to receive more information about this course, please contact our World Water Academy team.

Target group

Water system operator (including First level response operator)

Entry level

Vocational level

Vocational education in combination with the certificate of course Basics of Water Distribution, Water quality: sampling and hygienic working, Water distribution specials and Water loss & Non-Revenue Water




South African and/or Dutch experts certified by AquaDactics


2 days