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Water distribution specials

Learning targets

The availability of clean drinking water is essential for human health. To transport the water to the consumers, the water is pumped into a distribution network. In addition to pipelines and pumps other equipment can be part of the distribution infrastructure.

In this course you will learn which special equipment can be found within a drinking water distribution network. Special equipment includes meters, valves, fire hydrants and reservoirs. All will be shown and explained in detail. You will learn why this equipment is installed and where you can find it within the distribution network.


Topics covered:

  • Distribution network overview
  • Meters and valves
  • Fire hydrants and reservoirs
  • System thinking
  • Operation & Maintenance of the complete distribution network


After completing this course you will be acquainted with all water distribution utilities.

Course material

Course book and presentation handouts.

Training approach

In addition to classroom presentations this course demonstrates interactive and innovative training methods, such as group work, discussions, practical exercises, demonstrations and  role-plays. The  training methods are tailored to the objectives of the training.


This course is one of the five modules of the overall course Water Distribution and Control for Water System Operators. After successfully completing the five modules, you will be awarded a diploma.


Would you like to receive more information about this course, please contact our World Water Academy team.

Target group

Water system operator (including First level response operator)

Entry level

Vocational level

in combination with the certificate of course Basics of Water Distribution and Water quality, sampling and hygienic working




South African and/or Dutch experts certified by AquaDactics


2 days