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Water distribution & Control [diploma line]

Learning targets

Water is a relatively scarce but essential commodity. The consumer expects clean water to be delivered to his/her premises continuously.

Threated water is pumped into a distribution network that has been designed to deliver the water to the consumer. The water must pass through the network with a minimum of loss and quality deterioration. Water system operators play a key role in ensuring continuous clean water supply.

In this course you learn how a distribution network is designed and how to operate a distribution network. All equipment that is included in a distribution network is discussed. You learn about cleanliness of water and how to maintain it. You learn how leaks are detected and repaired. In addition to these technical skills you learn to communicate with stakeholders in an effective manner.


The course is taught in 4 modules which can be taken separately:

  • Basics of water distribution
  • Water quality, sampling and hygienic working
  • Water distribution specials
  • Water loss & Non-Revenue Water
  • External stakeholder awareness


After successfully completing the course you have a profound understanding of water distribution. You recognize what can inhibit the continuous delivery of clean water to costumers and you know how to respond to disturbances in the distribution network.

Course material

Course book and hand-outs of the presentations.

Training approach

In addition to classroom presentations this course comprises interactive and innovative training methods, such as group work, discussions, practical exercises, demonstrations and  role-plays.

The  training methods are tailored to the objectives of the training.


After successfully completing all modules you will be awarded a diploma.


Would you like to receive more information about this course, please contact our World Water Academy team.

Target group

Water system operator (including First level response operator)

Entry level

Vocational level




South African and/or Dutch experts, certified by AquaDactics


10 days (5 modules)