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Masterclass Assesment

Learning targets

In the didactical model, the assessment is the evaluation part of the course. After formulating the learning objectives and developing the course material, the results of the assessment shows if the objectives has been reached. The assessment is one to one related with the learning objectives of the course. It is also the starting point of adapting the developed material in order to increase the course.

The assessment is for both the trainer and participant crucial to know if the respectively gave and got the training adequately.

The MasterClass focuses on assessment procedures and various types of questioning, like multi-choice questions, open questions and case questions. With practical exercises and group discussion the participant trains how to make assessment for a training. After the course a professional trainer is able to decide which kind of assessment is necessary and to make the questions and formulate the answers.


The course exists of the following topics:

  • Information about assessment
  • Didactical Model
  • Sources of inspiration
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Short open questions
  • Long open questions
  • Case questions
  • Practice sessions

Course material

Hand-outs of the presentations

Training approach

Besides classroom presentations this course exists of activating and innovative teaching methods, as group work, discussions and practical exercises. The teaching methods  are tailored to the learning objectives of  the training.


The Netherlands and South Africa


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Target group

professional trainers

Entry level


Training of Trainer course provided by World Water Academy




Didactical trainers from the World Water Academy


1 day

"Assessment is the last piece of the puzzle to really understand the didactical model. This course provided me insights and tools to understand and to use everything well."
(South African participant)