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Interactive online course Processes of Wastewater Treatment

Learning targets

The treatment of wastewater is a complex process involving different process steps. Operators play a key role in the treatment of wastewater. Their decisions and actions have a major influence on the final treatment results.

The full process of treating wastewater in a plant will be explained in this course. You will acquire knowledge on the why and how of wastewater treatment. The most important international regulations and legislations are highlighted. You learn the basics of chemistry and microbiology to understand the processes and the behaviour of pollutants in water. This course covers the physical, chemical and biological treatment steps as well as the main process parameters. A virtual excursion takes you to different plants all over the world.

After completing this course you will understand the wastewater treatment process in practice. You will recognize how your actions influence the performance of your wastewater treatment plant. To make the course as effective as possible for you, we encourage you to share your own knowledge and experiences with the other participants.


The course covers the following topics:

  • Why is wastewater treated?
  • Legislations
  • Basics of chemistry and microbiology
  • The process steps in a treatment plant
  • Activated sludge
  • Biological, chemical and physical treatment
  • Settling & sludge
  • Main process parameters
  • Virtual excursion to a treatment plants


After successfully completing this course you will receive a Certificate. World Water Academy is ISO 9001 accredited. This certificate can be accredited towards your personal Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Official Certificates will only be awarded to;

  • Interactive participants with an attendance of at least 75%
  • Course fee of € 475 paid in full

Training approach

This interactive online course appeals to the daily practice. The experienced trainer explains and guides you to discuss your own treatment processes and issues. You will experience alternately interactive presentations, Q&A, video’s, assignments groupwork and quizzes. You can share your knowledge and examples and ask for explanations. The international character of this training will be an important asset in the discussions.


An in-depth personal intake prior to starting your course is required and part of the registration process. You will be asked about your motivation, prior knowledge, education and (practical) work experience. Together we decide if this is the right course for you. We will also talk you through the technical requirements for connectivity during the course. A stable internet connection and a computer or laptop with camera and sound/microphone are required and essential.

Target group

Process Controllers and Operators all over the world

Entry level

Vocational level

+ 1 or 2 years of experience at a wastewater treatment plant


€ 475,-




Bram Ooms


16 hours

Day 1

  • Water cycle
  • Processes
  • Chemistry and biology
  • Legislations

Day 2

  • Overview of (possible) process steps in a treatment plant
  • Main process parameters and relevant calculations
  • Domestic and industrial water (composition of waste water)
  • Pre-treatment

Day 3

  • Activated sludge
  • Biological, chemical and physical treatment

Day 4

  • Settling & sludge
  • Virtual excursion to a treatment plant
  • Wrap-up and evaluation


Helle van der Roest is leading expert on wastewater treatment and trainer for wastewater treatment topics at World Water Academy.

In 1983 Mr. Van der Roest obtained a MSc degree in Civil Engineering with specialization in waste water treatment. After graduation he worked as environmental specialist in the supervision and optimization of waste water treatment plants. He worked on research and designs of treatment plants for manure, industrial and municipal waste water as well as sludge treatment.


Internationally he becomes well known due to the so-called comparative sludge dewatering tests. Due to the specific set-up of these tests, worldwide innovations in sludge dewatering were initiated.  As manager of the wastewater treatment department of DHV Water BV, a strong innovation took place: Dynamic simulation, new products like BABE, the development of the membrane bioreactor and collaborative product- and process development. In this period he was asked many times to review large international waste water projects.

Besides the development and commercialization of innovative products like the aerobic granular sludge system Nereda®, he is strongly involved in management of co-operations. It has become a challenge to connect Dutch water knowledge to important social issues. In that respect he is acting from the consciousness that water is valuable and should be available for everybody. With a lot of passion he develops projects which can serve as an example for future developments in the area of sustainability. Under the umbrella of Susteanergy™ DHV connects the fields of water, energy and waste to unique projects. Van der Roest has published numerous scientific papers on different aspects of treatment processes and gives (international) lectures and presentations regularly.

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Interactive online course Processes of Wastewater Treatment

Date: November 9, 11, 16 and 18, 2022

Starting time: 8:00 am (UTC)

Duration: each session 4 hours

Course Fee: € 475

Location: online in ZOOM

Please note: Registration will close on October 23rd 2022
(two weeks before the start of the course)

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