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Higher Wastewater Treatment

Learning targets

The higher course Wastewater Treatment is dedicated to create deep insight about design, process control and trouble shooting. Topics are the analysis and assessment of the construction or enlargement of wastewater treatment plants. The design and the management after the construction must lead to adequate waste water treatment. Highlighted is the management of the construction of the wastewater treatment plant. The participants are able to make choices based on analysis and evaluation of the various options. This analysis includes cost optimizing and risk management.

Furthermore, attention is paid to starting up and testing of new installations. Main item is trouble shooting (sludge discharge, floating sludge, etc.). Besides, the participants get acquainted to the newest techniques, like polishing techniques and membrane techniques.


The course exists of the following topics:

  • Relevant legislations and regulations (also for construction)
  • Design and construction of treatment plants
  • Start up and testing of new facility
  • Operating and maintenance
  • Life-long cycle calculations
  • Innovative techniques and constructions
  • Project management
  • Basics of contract management

Course material

Course book and hand-outs of the presentations.


This course includes a field visit to wastewater treatment plants.


Would you like to receive more information about this course? Please contact Agnes Maenhout (managing director/CEO): 
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Target group

Wastewater plant engineers and process engineers

Entry level


Academic (Bachelor level) or having the diploma of the course Advanced Wastewater Treatment




Dutch experts and/or local professional trainers, certified by World Water Academy


10 days

"Wastewater treatment is a job, which continuously requests new insights to increase the results and lower the costs. Energy factory, waste as a resource are terms that you hear more often. This course will inspire you as engineer."