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Flood risk management (highlights)

Learning targets

Floods from sea, rivers and lakes are natural phenomena. The likelihood of a flood event can be reduced to limit its social, economic and environmental impact. Flood risk management deals with all water management steps to reduce the probability of flooding and to limit the corresponding damage.

The Course Flood risk management deals with the principles and background of (flood) risk. This includes topics about the probability of flooding and the corresponding damage by flooding. Damage includes negative economic, social and environmental impact. The participant is able to make a rough risk assessment, based on the hydraulics, land use and habitation. In this course we will elaborate on the effects and consequences of risk reduction measures, and afterwards discuss them . The participants make a choice on risk reduction measures based on a flood risk analysis and an evaluation of the various options. This analysis is partly based on cost optimizing.

Special attention is paid to the EU Flood Directive and the implementation of the directive. The steps to gather and analyse data, flood risk assessment and mapping are mentioned, followed by planning. Besides, the participants get acquainted to the latest risk measures, techniques and insights about the EU Flood Directive.


The course exists of the following topics:

  • Flood safety (Legislation in EU Flood directive)
  • Theory on flood risk; probability and corresponding damage
  • Flood risk presentation: mapping
  • Flood risk reduction measures
  • Prioritizing
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Flood risk communication with public
  • EU Flood directive

Course material

Hand-outs of the presentations, exercises and background information.


The Netherlands


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Target group

Decision makers, project management

Entry level

Expert level

Academic (Bachelor level)




Dutch experts or local professional trainers, certified by World Water Academy


1 day