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Multi-layer Flood Safety

Learning targets

Currently the risk approach is widely recognized as the most important method to determine the safety level of areas against flooding and thus the design of the water retaining structures.

Due to the recently developed EU Flood Directive, The Netherlands developed new projects and researches in order to determine measurements to lower the flood risks for the country. One of these researches focus on the so-called multi-layer flood safety. This approach deals with three layers to lower the flood risk: 1. Prevention, 2. Damage mitigation and 3. Evacuation.

This course focus on the new approach and insights of the multi-layer flood safety as a new tool to manage the flood risks. It contains the introduction of flood risk management, the European regulations, but also the outcomes of the research on the multi-layer flood safety approach. The relations between the layers in terms of risk and potential risk reduction measures are handles as well. At the end of the course a focus is laid at the costs and bates of thinking in various layers and the decision process.


he course exists of the following topics:

  • Flood risk management in The Netherlands
  • Scenarios
  • Background on flood risk calculation
  • Multi-layer flood risk approach
  • Layer 1: prevention
  • Layer 2: mitigation
  • Layer 3: evacuation
  • Relations between the different layers
  • Flood reduction methods
  • Decision making process
  • Cost-bates analysis

Course material

Hand-outs of the presentations, exercises and background information.


The course contains the latest research outcomes and news on the policy making process in The Netherlands.


The Netherlands


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Target group

Engineers at water authorities and consultancies, decision makers and project managers

Entry level

Expert level

Bachelor degree and having the certificate of course Flood risk management (highlights) and/or Probabilistic approach for flood safety




Dutch experts of HKV consultants


2 days