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Levee Engineering

Learning targets

In the near future, the national (Rijkswaterstaat) and regional water autorities and face an enormous challenge in water safety. The technical managers, project leaders, advisors, specialists in flood defense and geo-engineers need in depth, up to date and practice oriented knowledge in the field of levee design, building and reinforcement. This course addresses the technical knowledge and insights required to provide the craftsmanship necessary in levee reinforcement in a durable way.

Studying together with experienced instructors and the other participants not only provides knowledge, but gives you concrete tools to apply it in your day-to-day work, too. After taking part in this course, you will be an expert discussion partner for specialist and Integral Project Management team members alike.

‘The course in Levee Engineering is a combination of digital self-study, assignments, classroom meetings and learning by doing’

(The 20 days course is developed and delivered in The Netherlands, since September 2015)


The course consists of the following modules:

  • Levee Construction Module (8 days)
    Structure, strengths and loads acting on a levee, the types and classifications of levees and their covering material along coasts and rivers, waterworks, constructive quay wall screens and regional flood defenses, soil mechanics and the role of ground water flow, soil properties and soil research, global (design) calculations and the application of model instruments and innovative levee techniques.
  • Module Levee Design 2.0 (5 days)
    Implementing the new safety philosophy and the further implications for the design toolbox and LCC, the realization of plural functions and coupling probabilities, realization of spatial quality, global design, role of data and information, the practical applications of the new levee techniques and the use of knowledge from the ‘project overarching explorations of the High water defense program’
  • Module Levee reinforcement in practice (4 days)
    Relevant laws and regulations, contracts, the phasing of a levee reinforcement, global designing and evaluation of the design, being an expert client, the interpretation of research, substantial aspects of cooperation with market actors, technical quality assurance, field trip.
  • Integration and skills module (3 days)
    Best practices, integral application of gathered knowledge and insights from previous modules, aptitude test.

Do you want to do the course modularly? Then the basic module 1 (building levees) is mandatory.

After signing up for this course, a telephonic intake interview will be carried out. The goal of this interview is to assess weather your previous education and/or work experience fits in well with this course. Furthermore, you get a tailor made studying advice in order to start the course well prepared. Instructors will adapt their courses as much as possible using the information from the intake interviews


The course in Levee Engineering is a combination of digital self-study, assignments, classic meetings and learning by doing. In four modules, we assess the topics levee construction, levee design, levee reinforcement in practice and integration and skill.

Advisory Board

The course in levee engineering is developed in close cooperation with the water sector. An advisory board and specialists from regional water authorities, Rijkswaterstaat, engineering firms, consultancy firms and contractors actively supported the development of the course Levee construction. The advisory board ensures the quality and substance of the course.

The advisory board consists of:

Hetty Klavers (water board Zuiderzeeland, director of the Union of water boards)

Eric Jongmans (water board of Rivierenland)

Arnoud van Vliet (water board of Hollandse Delta)

Eric Janse (Deltares)

Richard Jorissen (Flood protection programme)

Henk Nieboer (Witteveen+Bos, consulting engineers)

Ron de Groot (De Klerk, Vereniging voor Waterbouwers)

Martin van der Meer (Fugro GeoServices)


this course is developed for the Netherlands, but can be tailored for other countries.


Would you like to receive more information about this course? Please contact Agnes Maenhout (managing director/CEO): 
+31 6 53 94 0795 or

Target group

Technical managers, project leaders, advisors, specialists in flood defense and geo-engineers

Entry level


BSc of applied sciences with several years of working experience






Johan Oost (for English clients)


20 days Self study: 12 hours per course day 3 written exams and a final assignment