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Training of trainers

Learning targets

Capacity development in the water sector is a hot topic in the global water sector. One challenge is about sharing existing (mainly local) practical knowledge and expertise with the young generation and the operators and workers in the field. A proved method for capacity building on practical matter is: ‘capacity building for professionals by professionals'. Water professionals have the first access to the most up to date information. They are proud of their job, motivated and exited to share their experience. Besides, the water professionals know what kind of knowledge and skills is required to do the water job.

Many water professionals would like to share their knowledge. They would like to share his/her expertise: knowledge, daily experience and knowhow about the water topics he/she know all about. A water professional needs didactical skills and tools (teaching methodology) to share that expertise and become a professional trainer. A professional trainer is able to train and exchange his knowledge and experiences with other professionals adequately, so that the trainee can directly use the trained knowledge and skills in the daily practice

The focus in a training of trainer course is on the didactical knowledge, skills and awareness of a water professional, who trains other professionals. After the course a professional, who trains, has the basic didactical skills and tools to become a professional trainer.


The course exists of the following topics:

  • Learning process of professionals
  • Differences in learning styles
  • Learning objectives
  • Prior knowledge of participants
  • Activating teaching methods
  • Lesson plans and trainers guide
  • Multimedia and good presentation slides
  • Practice by preparing and executing mini lessons
  • Evaluation and reflection

Course material

Course book and hand-outs of the presentations

Training approach

Besides classroom presentations this course exists of activating and innovative teaching methods, as group work, discussions, practical exercises, demonstrations and giving a presentation. The teaching methods  are tailored to the learning objectives of  the training.

Note: This course is often delivered as an integrated package of a train-the-trainer course combined with a course focusing on a specific topic. The extra parts are provided by Dutch experts.


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Target group

Professionals giving training to other professionals

Entry level


Experienced in one or more water-related topics. Furthermore the professional must be enthusiastic and motivated to exchange his/her knowledge and experiences with other professionals.




Didactical trainers from the World Water Academy


2-3 days

"The best points of the course are that I learned how to teach and determine the teaching objectives, making a script and making a presentation in front of my participants."
(Participant of the Training of Trainer course in Indonesia)